Our team is comprised of several seasoned MBAs located near Los Angeles, California.
David Alpern
[MBA Business Plan Team Member Photo] David Alpern has more than ten years helping Fortune 1000 businesses such as Experian, Tribune, Mazda, and Twentieth Century Fox, develop industry leading products and direct response campaigns through the use of technology, interactive strategies, positioning technical products/features to consumers, and meeting delivery objectives within organizations operating at Internet speed. Mr. Alpern has prior experience crafting business plans for media, fast food, and retail service concepts. He has an extensive background in online marketing at Local.com and AltaVista, as well as supporting clients across multiple industries with Doner Advertising. Mr. Alpern holds an MBA from USC's Marshall School of Business where he served as President of the Entrepreneur and Venture Management Association. He completed his undergraduate degree at the University of California, San Diego in Economics and Management Studies. A family man, Mr. Alpern and his wife Shari are parents to three young children.
Yan Haghor
[MBA Business Plan Team Member Photo] Yan's focus has been on growth financing, mergers & acquisitions, and private equity investing in the manufacturing, service, and retail sectors for the past 13 years. He began his career as a financial consultant with Merrill Lynch prior to joining Computer Rental's etc., a start-up venture that has grown to $3 million in sales. Later he joined ClearLight Partners, a $300 million private equity fund that invests in both Venture Capital and Leveraged Buyout situations. Additionally, Yan worked as Manager of Mergers & Acquisitions for publicly held Gerald Stevens, Inc. and as a Managing Director for Summit Corporate Partners, a regional investment banking firm. Yan earned his bachelor's degree in Economics from UCLA and his MBA in Finance from USC.
Rakesh Kumar
[MBA Business Plan Team Member Photo] Rakesh Kumar has nearly seven years of experience in business development, commercial banking, and issues confronting new businesses. Mr. Kumar also holds a law degree and is an expert on contracts and business organizations. His legal background brings an additional level of insight to the business plan drafting process. Mr. Kumar earned his MBA from USC with an emphasis on entrepreneurial studies and finance. He has lived and worked in the US, Europe and Asia, bringing additional international perspective to the MBA Business Plan team.
Hari Gupta
[MBA Business Plan Team Member Photo] Hari Gupta has more than 5 years experience developing, reviewing, and critiquing business plans for a variety of businesses, including start-up ventures to second-stage companies. His experience in business plan preparation spans across several industries, from companies developing and selling software solutions, biotechnology products, medical and dental products, to manufacturing, professional services firms, and e-commerce solution providers. Business plans developed by Mr. Gupta have received funding from angel investors to venture capital firms. Notable examples of business plans written include Automation One (a demand-chain software developer), NextDental (an online value-added dental products consolidator), VERT Fitness Centers of Santa Monica, CA, and Perennial Consulting Services (an environmental consulting services firm). Mr. Gupta has a Masters in Business Administration from the University of Southern California with an emphasis on entrepreneurship and new venture investing.
Asad Ayaz
[MBA Business Plan Team Member Photo] Asad Ayaz has seven years experience in market research, strategy consulting, financial analysis and business plan development. His skills span the financial services, technology, non-profit and entertainment sectors. Mr. Ayaz has worked with CRA Business Strategies Group, where he developed business plans, financial forecasts, strategic alliances, M&A models and marketing, sales and distribution strategy plans. His clients included Bank of America, the Sierra Club, E*TRADE, Deutsche Bank, Reader's Digest and American Century. Mr. Ayaz has also worked in a research and analytics capacity with Amnesty International, Citibank, the International Development Exchange, Legacy Entertainment and the United Nations Information Services division. Mr. Ayaz holds a Masters degree in Financial Economics from the University of Southern California, and completed his Bachelors degree in Political Economy at Bennington College."
Marc Liger
[MBA Business Plan Team Member Photo] Marc Liger has over ten years of marketing experience in several different industries ranging from financial services to consumer packaged goods, toys, licensed products and retail. He has directed marketing efforts for Hunt-Wesson Foods and Mattel Toys and, most recently, helped fund, build and manage a start-up technology company. During this time Mr. Liger developed and executed business plans that were funded for products from pasta sauce to sunglasses. His areas of expertise are developing and launching new products, brand positioning, advertising, and sales planning and execution. Mr. Liger earned his MBA in Marketing in 1995 from USC's Marshall School of Business. Prior to that he was a financial consultant for Lehman Brothers in New York City. He also holds a BA in Economics from the University of California at Berkeley. Marc lives in Los Angeles with his wife Rachel and new daughter Ashley Beth Liger.
Jonathan Ross
[MBA Business Plan Team Member Photo] Jonathan Ross has more than eight years of experience in business development, strategic planning, sales, marketing and branding across the media, technology and entertainment industries. For the past three years, Mr. Ross has been consulting independently and providing services such as corporate strategy, market research, business plan writing, project management, financial analysis and business modeling to companies including The New York Times Digital, Louis Vuitton, Moet-Hennessy (LVMH), and Lucent Technologies. Prior to that, Mr. Ross held positions with Showtime Networks & Viacom, Bertelsmann AG, and Reuters and lived in Europe for almost four years. Mr. Ross also speaks fluent French and holds an MBA in Finance, Information Systems and Digital Economy from NYU's Stern School of Business as well as a Master of International Affairs from the School of International & Public Affairs at Columbia University.
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