Why do you need a business plan?
A business plan is a summary of how the management team intends to organize their new commercial endeavor and how they plan to implement activities necessary and sufficient for the venture to succeed. It is a written explanation of the company's business model. Business plans are used internally for management and planning and are also used to convince outsiders, such as banks and venture capitalists, to invest money in the new venture. After funding has been successfully raised, a business plan serves as both the script and reminder of the business' intended strategic direction. An entrepreneur often becomes immersed in the tactical and operational nuances of launching and running a new enterprise and can lose track of the overall strategic goal they had laid out for the business.

Every small business should consider a business plan. If the intention is to raise capital and acquire investors, a business plan is a necessity. Even if no capital is required, a business plan will help ensure your profitability and success by providing you a guideline for your strategic direction.

The plan should tell a compelling story about how the company will achieve success. The plan is written proof that the entrepreneur has performed the necessary research and studied the business opportunity in detail. There is no substitute for a well-prepared business plan and no short-cuts to preparing one.

The business plan sets goals and objectives using information on marketing, technology, budgeting and forecasting, capital needs and resources. The business plan identifies areas where resources will be needed and assigns dollar values. Once completed, the business plan works as a tool for comparing actual results against targeted performance, improves managerial control, and helps a business avoid the type of problems that can lead to failure. Preset objectives and goals take into account information on marketing, technology, regulations, budgeting and forecasting, capital needs and resources, all of which will evolve with the business as a living document. Quality business plans provide a great return on investment. Every stakeholder is interested in reviewing the business plan. Organizations, team members, and prospective team members will come to know you better.

In any financing scenario raising funds is invariably challenging. Potential lenders must be convinced that the business idea is promising, the market accessible, the firm's management capable, and the return on investment attractive. The presence of a quality business plan is most often the key factor in the decision whether to invest or not invest in a concept.

Having a business plan can help predict and preempt upcoming risks. The plan will spotlight areas where resources are needed, assign dollar values and target possible sources of financing. By providing a framework to research and understand your intended market, the plan helps reduce possible surprises and challenges to your future success. Fundamental decisions will be made as part of the business plan writing process that will impact the future of the business and the bottom line.
Why should you choose MBA business plan?
MBAs - Our team is comprised exclusively of seasoned MBAs who have written business plans for a myriad of firms in an array of industries.

Value Pricing - MBA Business Plan is a pay as you go process. Unlike our competitors, we allow you to assess the progress on your plan on a weekly basis, and are up-front about expectations and pricing with prompt turn-arounds and no hidden costs. Our a la carte process allows you to select partial completion if you decide at any juncture to take what we have delivered and complete the remaining sections yourself, foregoing any remaining weeks in the 5 week timetable we laid out for writing your business plan.

Small Business - MBA Business Plan is specifically geared towards helping developing small businesses attract financing and investment capital through private and public markets. We provide a specialty service focused exclusively on business planning. MBA Business Plan was formed to become the primary resource for small businesses to obtain business plans for the express purpose of raising funds. Our approach is to be cost effective by hiring highly skilled seasoned MBAs, and sharp MBA candidates, to review and produce quality business plans that deliver funding.

Industry Diversification - Our team has prepared comprehensive business plans for businesses in a wide variety of industries including consumer electronics, retail, manufacturing, medical devices, construction renovation, motion picture development, direct marketing, demand-chain software development, online value-added dental products consolidator, banking, technology, computer peripherals, journalism, human resources, and website services.

Experience - We have extensive experience with professionals from the financial community, including investment banking professionals, venture capitalists, and private investors. We speak directly to their interests by structuring your business plan into an effective, thorough, concise, and well-organized presentation.

Scaleable - Our labor model is scaleable to react to your demanding timelines.
Other businesses have successfully raised capital funding as a result of the efforts and plans written by members of the MBA Business Plan team.
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