Pricing Plan
MBA Business Plan is a pay as you go process. We deliver cost effectively and expeditiously, with your entire business plan completed in 5 working weeks or less. At each juncture, if you feel that what we have delivered is sufficient to proceed with on your own, you can opt not to re-submit for the remaining weeks' worth of work as itemized in the following fee schedule:
Week 1 $ 500 - Product Plan and Market Analysis
Week 2 $1500 - Product/Service Description and Launch Plan
Week 3 $1000 - Sales and Financial Analysis
Week 4 $1000 - Cash Flow and Technical Plan
Week 5 $1000 - Regulatory/Legal Issues and Executive Summary
Value Pricing
MBA Business Plan is a pay as you go process. Unlike our competitors, we allow you to assess the progress on your plan on a weekly basis, and are up-front about expectations and pricing with prompt turn-arounds and no hidden costs. Our a la carte process allows you to select partial completion if you decide at any juncture to take what we have delivered and complete the remaining sections yourself, foregoing any remaining weeks in the 5 week timetable we laid out for writing your business plan.
Our labor model is scaleable to react to your demanding timelines.
MBA Business Plan also offers a business plan review service if your business/start-up already has a plan, but needs it reworked for investors or reviewed for feasibility.
Valuing your closely held business becomes an important step in achieving a variety of business and tax planning goals. Whether it’s planning a sale, merger, or investment in your company, a partnership dispute, or an employee stock ownership plan, a realistic professional appraisal by an experienced third party is critical to achieving a balanced objective opinion. We use a number of universally accepted techniques to achieve a reasonable estimate of value, including:
Discounted Cash Flow
Market Comparables
Asset Valuation
Transaction Comparables

MBA Business Plan and its affiliate Wilshire Partners offer business valuation services for a variety of needs and purposes, including but not limited to:
Mergers & Acquisitions
Divorce Valuation
Estate & Gift Tax Valuation
Succession Planning
Business Financing
ESOP Plans
Through its relationship with Wilshire Partners, MBA Business Plan is able to offer its business plan clients capital raising services, at no additional up front cost. The typical retainer for investment banking services is $15,000 and up, however, we offer this additional service, with a success fee structure, only to our business plan clients. The fund raising process can be very time-consuming and frustrating. While a solid business plan will capture the attention of investors and lenders, getting it into the hands of the right types of investors or lenders will be your next challenge. We offer assistance for the following phases of a company’s fund raising needs:
Early stage/ Start Up
Later stage growth capital
Management buyout
Commercial and private lenders
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